Friday, November 11, 2011

Life Essentials

 Ever wondered what nutrients your body needs and where to get them? Heres your answer:

Quantities needed
Excellent sources
(Simple or complex)
It is the body’s preferred source of energy. Fiber helps move waste through the digestive system.
55-65% of your daily calories (mainly from complex carbohydrates)
Simple: Fruits, some vegetables, & milk
Complex: Grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, & tubers
Protein (complete or incomplete)
Help build and maintain body tissues. Nearly all important structures are made from protein.
15-20% of your daily calories
Complete: animal products and soybean products.
Incomplete: various seeds
Fat (saturated and unsaturated)
The most concentrated form of energy in the body. Can provide twice the energy of carbohydrates per gram.
30-35% of your daily calories
Saturated: Animal fats, tropical oils.
Unsaturated: fish oils (omega-3), various other oils
Vitamins (water-soluble & fat-soluble
Helps speed up reactions in the body, some of which produce energy. Every vitamin has varying effects.
Varies widely by type.
C: citrus fruits
B1: Whole-grain
B2: Milk, cheese, spinach, eggs
Folic Acid: Nuts, green vegetables
B12: Animal products
Pantothenic Acid: whole-grain, milk, poultry.
A: Dairy products, green vegetables
D: eggs, sardines, salmon. Produced by skin when exposed to UV radiation.
E: Widely distributed in foods
K: Spinach, eggs, broccoli. Produced by intestinal bacteria.
Helps regulate many vital body processes. Effects and uses vary.
Varies widely by type.
Iron: meat, shellfish, egg yolk.
Calcium: dairy products, leafy vegetables.
Phosphorus: milk, peas, liver, meat, fish
Magnesium: whole grains, milk, dark green leafy vegetables
Sodium: table salt, prepared sauces, milk
Potassium: legumes, potatoes, bananas
Sulfur: table salt, milk, meat, fish, egg whites
Iodine: iodized salt, saltwater fish
Zinc: shellfish, meat, milk, eggs
Selenium: grain products, milk, eggs, kidney, liver, seafood
Copper: beans, brazil nuts, whole-meal flour, seafood
Fluoride: fluoridated water, fish with edible bones
Manganese: whole-grain products, nuts, green leafy vegetables, kidney, liver
Carries nutrients to cells and transports waste. Lubricates joints. Aids in digestion, waste removal, and nutrient absorption.
6-8 cups a day.
Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, juice, milk, and water itself.

 . . . long chart, eh?

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