Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Heath today is a sensitive matter. Even with medical advances, there are still many dangers to our physical health in this world. And there are now almost more dangers to our other types of health than ever. Technology threatens to distance us from our family, friends, and God. The earth is also becoming increasingly polluted. Maintaining our health is crucial to living a happy life, and this issue is to help you stay more conscious about your current condition.
            When most people hear the word “health”, they think of things such as nutrition, diets, and exercise. There is more to a guy’s health than just his physical condition, though. There are, in fact, five other types of health: mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual. It is important to keep these factors of our lives in good shape, or it might affect how our lives will play out in very terrible ways. If we have poor health, we would not be able to do our very best and live up to what God has planned for us.
            Here’s a brief explanation. Mental health is how healthy your state of mind is. Things such as irrational fears, mental disability, trauma, and other psychological hindrances may adversely affect your mental health. Social health represents your relationships with others. If you hang out with your friends often or spend a lot of time with your family, then your social health is in good condition. Emotional health, as the name suggests, deals with emotions. Are you feeling stressed? Do you often feel sad or angry? Do you express your emotions or hold everything in? Environmental health is the condition of the environment, and whether or not you are comfortable with it. Spiritual health (for us Christians) deals with our relationship with God. To save you the trouble of having to imagine how these factors become apparent in a person’s lifestyle, here’s an example:
            “Tony, at the age of 15, was a pretty happy boy, though he was more conscious of his health than most others his age. He lives in a more quiet part of town that’s greener than the rest. He usually begins a day waking up at 7:00, since he lives near his school. He often has some bread and a glass of milk for breakfast. Tony attends track meets with his friends after school once a week to get some exercise, and is physically fit. He gets home by 5:30 and tries to focus on his schoolwork. He admits that he isn’t a particularly brilliant student, but he usually attempts to try his best. He does surf the Internet (and occasionally games) when he has the time, but he tries to prioritize his schoolwork and knows that he shouldn’t be staying up too late. On weekends he often spends time with his friends, playing soccer or just hanging out. He does not ignore his family, though, especially not his sister. She looks up to him, and he tries his best to set an example. He goes with his family to church on Sundays, and though he is a believer, he still has his doubts.”
            As you can see, Tony is physically healthy, and has pretty good relationships with others. His academic ability isn’t the best, but he doesn’t have any particularly serious difficulties. Seeing that he has doubts about his faith, his spiritual health probably has issues, but overall he’s pretty healthy, and is a happy person.
            The above example might be a little to extreme, and many of us probably won’t have as balanced a life as him, but that was just an example. Most of us will not be as lucky as him, but it is still important to try to maintain our health in all forms. As such, I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the site and that it will help you adjust your daily life for the better.

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